Wednesday, June 9, 2010


One thing I really wish I had done is spent a bit more time thinking about my change table. I bought a very practical change table that matches our cot but it is boring! I LOVE all of these change tables that are a little more quirky and original and so easy to do.

A chest of drawers, old dresser or hall table can be prefect as long as you get the right size. A change mat needs to sit on top - they vary in size but are around 50x80cm . Make sure the height is comfortable for you - about the height of your hips so you can pick bub up easily. Ikea and Ebay are definately the best places to start! And don't be afraid to re-paint, change handles etc.

Most importantly, think about the layout of the room, how you will be changing the bub and accessing the change table and make sure you choose a pieces suitable! No point having a gorgeous change table if it's squished in a corner you can't use!

Hemnes chest of drawers from Ikea

You can buy these baskets from Bed, Bath & Table (They come in green, blue & pink)

Decoupage! Who'd have thought it could look so good!

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