Friday, June 11, 2010


My sister made me the most beautiful mobile for our nursery out of paper cranes, it looks so beautiful hanging over our change table.

Of course, I love the look of handmade mobiles but if you're not so confident at making your own there's plenty avaliable on

I attempted to make these birds but I am so terrible at sewing. Luckily my sis is a bit better with the origami! Anyway, the pattern is avaliable here

And you can also buy the birds ready made on Etsy!

Easy to make from cardboard, paper or even MDF. You can find pre-cut shapes from any craft shop or even Bunnings, then just paint or cover with scrapbooking paper.

So gorgeous! You could buy readymade butterflies that you see at the $2 shops and just hang from the ceiling using fishing wire.

Cut out of Plywood & stain (Great project for the hubby even!).

Again acieve this look out of MDF shapes with scrapbooking paper stuck on.

You would have to be very confident at sewing for this one so I have no tips! Except why not look out for small toys , buy them, add some ribbon and hang off a hoop? No sewing involved!

Paper Cranes! I love it! There's over 60, 000 hits when you google "Origami Cranes" so no excuses not to find a pattern for this one! You can find scrapbooking papers at Lincraft & Spotlight for $1-$2 a sheet, or do what my sister has done and use the beauiful Japanese papers you find at any good art shop.

This is just too cute! Simple cardboard or balsa wood that you pickup from the craft shops. The simplicity of the materials is what makes it!

The birds again, I just love them! And how fun searching for the perfect branch to hang them on!

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