Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Kitchen Mini Makeover

Okay okay so I am avoiding posting about my family room...the painting is done, the pictures are up, but it's still looking baaaaad! The sofas are awful, the furniture is heavy, and there's washing everywhere!! It needs a lot more work than I thought - but there is a light at the end of the tunnel...a couple of hand-me-down sofas which should make a difference! And I think a lot more paint on all the furniture!

The kitchen is off the family room and I've just done a little mini-makeover so that I feel I've achieved SOMETHING in this area of the house!

It's a lovely kitchen, the previous owners did all the hard work and I'm pretty sure it's an [Ikea] kitchen. Lovely Caesarstone benchtops and white shutters...It really is my dream kitchen! And a pleasure to cook in.
So I've painted the walls in Taubmans Pebble Bay (yep I've got a huge tin of the stuff so it's everywhere!). I found some tiles in the garage...they're leftovers from our ensuite...so I thought they'd make a lovely border!

It's so simple and easy to do...

1. Trim off the webbing around the tiles...

2. Grab a tub of Fix & Grout (Also found in my garage!) and a spatula & load up those tiles...

3. Whack onto the wall. sit a level on top to make sure you get them 100% straight...

4. Once the adhesive is dry, fill in the gaps (I've found my favourite plastic scraper by now)...

5. Wipe away the excess with a damp sponge (I like these scourer sponges the best)...

6. Once over with some paper towel

And Voila! Easy peasy hey?!!

It's the little things that make the biggest difference!
So this mini makeover cost me nothing because it was all left-overs found in my garage, but to buy everything you'd be looking at about $30 for a tin of paint, $30 for the tiles I've used (ceramic or glass mosaics can be picked up from Bunnings for as little at $5 a sheet), $15 for a pot of tile and grout, and $5 for a spatula. So for $80 I think thats pretty good value!
Oh and I just have to tell you about my most recent AMAZING bargain... Marie Claire Nocturne dinner plates - reduced from $12.99 ea. to $3 ea. at Myer! Aren't they just made for me?!

And my Voulevants for mothers group yum!


  1. Sweet Jesus, you are a walking one-man, do-it-yourself, make-over queen! I'm seriously impressed by your industriousness, not to mention how great the end result looks!

  2. Looks great Lucy - aren't you clever? And hey, don't worry about the family room not being ready for photos - I've learned from experience that these things always take twice as long as you expect - even more if you've aready mentioned it on the blog! K xx