Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Present Day

We're back!!!!!!!

The 24th of every month is Present day for Bren & I - his birthday is the 24th of March and mine is the 24th of January. So every 24th we give each other a little pressie - usually just a chocolate bar or a flower picked from the garden. It's just a excuse to say I Love You!

Well the 24th June puts a whole new spin on Present Day! Isabelle Audrey Upton came into our lives last Thursday and is absolutely the most amazing present we could give each other!!!!!!!!!!! She is SO overwhelmingly beautiful, words cannot begin to describe how I feel about her, and about our new lives as a family. People always talk about the love you feel for your kids and I never really got it. I thought well I love Bren so much, and I love my family and my friends of course I will love my kids. But then Izzy comes into the world and BAM it's like I've never ever felt anything or done anything that can ever compare to this. How can I have known someone for such a short amount of time and feel like I've known her my whole life? She's this huge chunk of me and this huge chunk of Bren all mushed into one and I can't ever imagine her not being in my life.

I'm totally overwhelmed - I'm not usually an emotional person, but Izzy has turned me into a wreck! And Bren is not helping by being totally smitted by her and staring adoringly at her all the time!!!! He is an amazing dad already, an amazing husband to me - having a baby has shown me more strength, love, commitment and support than I knew he was capable of. I feel like he has been through so much more than me having to support me through the birth, be my strength and carry the worry for the health of his 2 girls over such a long labour. How he managed to keep calm through the whole thing I have no idea - it's one thing to be going through labour and having to deal with all the yukky bits yourself, but another to stand on the outside, to have to be the strong one when you're watching the people you love hurting, to carry the worry not only for your partner but for the health of your new little bub, the one person you are yet to meet but feel so connected with you just can't imagine anything happening to them. So many men are so less involved in the pregnancy and birth of their kids and I now know why - I'm not so sure I could take his place if I had to.

This last week has been the most amazing week of my life and I can't wait to see what is ahead for the 3 of us. So long as it is a life filled with Bren, Izzy and this much love every day I know that it will be the best life I can possibly imagine.


  1. Congratulations Lucy. I shed a tear when I read this post. Your little girl is just stunning and that name so sophisticated.

  2. Gorgeous Lucy. Welcome to the world of mother love :) It's indescribable! Your photos remind me so much of your wedding day pics, in that Chris & I just can't stop saying how happy you both are, and it makes other people happy! We're so excited for the three of you & I'm thrilled that having Izzy has already given you this whole other part of yourself. What a gift indeed!

  3. Little Miss Lucy,

    Your post is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read... I am so over the moon with happiness for you and Bren and I know you are going to make the most wonderful parents. It has been so lovely for me to watch you grow and develop over the years into such a caring and beautiful person (not to mention extraordinarily talented stylist!) - who would have thought, all those years ago when we first started working together that we would end up having babies within a few months of one another!

    I can't WAIT to meet little Izzy... the photo of her in the bath is so gorgeous. She is such a perfect mix of the pair of you... no mistaking who the Daddy is, that's for sure!

    Lots of love and hugs as always
    Ang xx

  4. Wow Luce, great post! I had no idea you could write like that! That was so emotive - I got a bit teary too!
    You both are so happy and in love, it's great and very inspirational, I think.
    Isabelle is very blessed to have you as parents