Thursday, October 21, 2010

Noni's Chair Makeover Part 1

Well if you thought I was addicted to DIY you should meet my Mum (Noni). Not only is she amazing in the garden - both her own and now ours - she also loves decorating and has always encouraged me to follow my decorating dreams!
We are a mean little team and we work so well together for a few reasons:

1. We work the same way - get up early and work work work - need a tea break RIGHT NOW - work work work - and so on!

2. We both are addicted to Ebay - we love a bargain.

3. We are both passionate about doing as much as we can ourselves, and are happy for things to be a little imperfect!

4. We balance each other out - I tell her 6000 chairs is enough, Victoria is too far to pickup in the ute, and no you can't have a purple kitchen. She tells me well we have to have purple chairs SOMEWHERE! She makes me take some risks that I probably wouldn't, and makes me just get things done!

5. We both know what we want, and together we make it happen!

So today is the story of Mum's new outdoor chair for the courtyard which is not yet built...yes we are designing a house around furniture!

Mum got these 2 chairs and sofa from eBay...I can't remember the price but it was not much at all! But then again, they didn't look like much...

But they did fit a cup of tea on the arm...SOLD!

So we just started to rip the junk off, kick the backs out, and generally cause some havoc on the lawn...
Go Noni!

Mum re-did the stuffing and calico where needed...

Then started to re-paint the timber...
It's a tough place to work with those views!
Then she started to cover And Ta-Da!
Cute hey? Mum was after something a little quirky and over the top as these chairs and sofa will be outside and are probably going to weather and get dirty - so why not have fun?! Now she is so happy that one of the chairs has made it into the living room!
The paint colour is Dulux Oyster Linen
The 2 fabrics are from Spotlight - we also tried Ikea which had some great stuff but no purple!


  1. Well done girls!
    Your chairs look awesome Noni!


    My God... I now know where you get your energy from Luce!

  3. LOL!
    This was huge fun and a great project to do with Lucy
    The chairs cost $80 on Ebay
    Fabric including calico approx $40
    Paint $30 ( and lots left over for the next project!)

    They are REALLY comfortable and I love them to buts JUST what I had in mind
    Thank you for your help Lucy

  4. I might now be able to muster the courage needed to recover the chairs we bought from ebay a few months ago :) Thanks for the inspiration Lucy & Judith!