Friday, October 8, 2010

Noni's obsession

Hi my name is Judith and I am lucky enough to be Lucy's mum, Bren's mother in law and Isabelle's grandmother!

One of my big passions is gardening and Lucy and Bren have been kind enough to ask my advice about their garden. The brief was no budget, must be easy to maintain and not too fussy.

I believe that your garden should reflect who you are as a person and meet the needs of your lifestyle- just as you do with inside of your house

We thought it would be fun to share with you our thoughts and adventures in the garden

Bren has started a small bit of the garden to plant seeds and annual colour.

to create a border he has used some of the rocks from existing beds

Love the safety footwear !


  1. Go Bren and go Noni too! Starting to look great. I agree gardening is a wonderful passion - fun, relaxing and creative - your living outdoor room that you can always keep re decorating. Thankyou Noni your're a gardening guru xo

  2. Oh look, your hubby has the same safety thongs as mine! K xx