Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mon Premier Noel

Izzy is such a lucky girl! Her Noni came over today and had with her Izzy's Christmas Stocking and Christmas Dress...One very lucky baby and an one very clever Noni!
Beautiful pink and purple Christmas tree fabric, beautiful dusty pink ribbon and gorgeous little heart buttons! Oh it is SO pretty!
Purple and pink stocking, quilted and lined...Noni you are so talented!
A lot of time and SO much love has gone into these - I'm sure Izzy will treasure them forever.
Thank you Mum LYBTTS :)

(I can't wait for Izzy's First Christmas!)


  1. How gorgeous Lucy no wonder you are so thrilled. It will be a special Christmas for your little family this year.You certainly are so lucky Izzy to have such a clever, talented Noni who loves you so so much. You will look beautiful and have so much fun with your precious stocking. Luv xo