Monday, November 1, 2010


Each morning Izzy and I jump in the car and drive Bren to the station.
Then on the way home we drive past the Sheridan outlet.
Ohhh he is so lucky that the shop isn't open that early in the morning or else we'd be broke.
Is it wrong to be considering Sheridan bedlinen for my daughters room that she won't need for at least another 2 years?!



  1. Great to beback Lucy.Luv it. I didn't know there was a Sheridan outlet near you. Lucy you know it's never wrong to look, dream and store ideas!But be warned in a couple of years I bet Izzy will be telling you what SHE wants!!!! hehe! luv ya xo

  2. I agree with Chrissy, its never wrong to dream AND just like Chrissy I think Issy will very definitely tell you what she wants.....her Mum had some VERY strong opinions age two!!!!!!!

    PS my favorite is the first picture