Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Just a few happy snaps from our Jacques Christmas Eve Dinner (Which is really now our Jacques/Upton/McLaughlin/Broome/Andrews Christmas Dinner!)

Each year we have a different theme and this year was Asian BBQ. The decorations were just so PRETTY! The hydrangeas were from Mumma C's garden (Thanky ou SO much!). Whacked into a few old Dolmio jars from garage and Voila!

These King Proteas look absolutely stunning, the pink is just beautiful. ($5 each from Coles!)

Crushed pistachios for the Pav, again I just love that delicious pinky purple and green! The tablecloth is from Target.
Fortune cookies for our Asian BBQ theme
Loads of beautiful tealight candles and wine glasses to reflect the candlelight
And of course some pink Chinese lanterns for the hedges ($1.50 each from the Asian supermarket) Baby Girl looking SO gorgeous in her Christmas Dress by Noni. And she's sitting! Clever girl.
Everyone working hard in the kitchen!Here's the family minus Noni taking the photo. Even our senile little pup Karma has come to celebrate Izzy's first Christmas!
And the new puppy Bruiser...what a cutie!
A bit of chalk is always fun
Snuggly little girl and the boys just chillin'

I just love this combination of blue and white and pink.

All the different chairs from inside look so great out here!

But Izzy really stole the show!


  1. Hi Lucy, I found your blog. When did you have time to write this all up? Well done Lucy you are very inspiring! Katie

  2. Hi Lucy,
    I love all your pretty blue's and white with touches of pink!
    Would look beautiful on a wedding table.
    Isabelle is such a gorgeous little girl, congratulations.
    You can decorate for me any day!
    Kate C (From Bayswiss days) xx

  3. Just stunning lucy. It all looks so pretty, elegant and lots of fun. You are so clever. Luv those hydranges!! An of course the little person at the end tops the lot! Lots luv xo