Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our First Crop

Over the past few months Brendan has been working tirelessly on the garden (with a little help from my Mum!). Well, yesterday we enjoyed our first crop!

Some sort of fancy lettuce and some of my FAVOURITE Pak Choy! Yummo!

And here's the dinner - Stirfied chicken & vegies! Yum! Yep I do try to get a bit Mastercheffy with the rice occasionally - Bren is my #1 customer and always enjoys it when I spend a little time plating up! It really is worth the extra minute it takes me!

And I added a little of what I hoped was Basil from our vegie patch...

Mum found the wheelbarrow up in the back of our yard and filled it with the leftovers from her herb garden - it looks great and tastes great too!


  1. What a crop, well done Brendan, I'm very impressed with your gardening skills. And your plating up Lucy is impressive too - yummo! Great to see you both enjoying your home and garden. Lots luv xo

  2. Very impressive guys! The lettuce and Pak Choy look awesome, congrats on keeping the caterpillars away!