Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Country Charm

It seems that a lot of close friends and family are looking at renovating or moving. Having the dream home is so hard for most of us! I've been dreaming of moving to overseas to a beautiful (and affordable!) house in the country with loads of character. If only I could move my friends and family as well!


  1. It's nice to dream! How Cody does that fireplace look LucyWhat lovely rooms. Enjoy your dreams! Luv xo

  2. Hey look, there's my bathroom basin,wonder if I can steal it when I have to leave this little house? The last pic could be your kitchen! Its the right configuration. Love this house too. We will both end up all white if we aren't careful xxx

  3. Love the loungeroom with the fireplace!! It's gorgeous! Also love the kitchen. Welcome back -It's so nice to have something pretty to look at when I'm at work!