Friday, January 13, 2012

Aunty Em you are a Gem!

The doorbell rang this morning and sitting by the door was a brown paper parcel and inside the most beautiful collection of things for New Baby!

My amazing sis Aunty Em made her all these beautiful pieces - a cot sheet set, onesie, dress and knickers and singlet and knickers, all in beautiful fabrics, with little flowers and words with lots of meaning :)

Love you bigger than the sky is what my Mum used to say to us, an Bren and I use it now!

So thanks Aunty Em so much for our little box of love, I just can't wait for Mrs M to arrive so we can use it all!!! lybtts xxxxxxxx


  1. Glad you like them sis. They were made with so much love for little Mrs M who we are dying to meet!

  2. They are stunning!!!!
    How lucky am I to have such talented and loving children:)

  3. These are beautiful Lucy, what a clever and loving Aunty Emm. Can't wait to see them on Little Mrs M! xoxo