Saturday, January 28, 2012


One of my major resolutions for 2012 was to learn to sew. I had thoughts I setting myself a goal like in the movie Julie and Julia - 100 projects by the end of the year or something like that. I've since decided just to complete the projects I start will be enough! The craft cupboard is full of fabric and half finished bits and pieces!!!

I was chatting with my lovely friend Sal about how my problem with sewing is my lack of patience, and she suggested perhaps patience should be my resolution, not just sewing! Well Sal, I think that perhaps patience will have to be my resolution this year.

Baby #2 is now 10 days overdue and after too many days of false labour, a massive meltdown by me and now averaging a packet of Tim Tams a day, I have decided this is the true test of patience!!! What can I take from this experience? Always ensure the fridge is full of Tim Tams before starting to sew!!!

Here's a few pics of the new baby's room, it's a really funny mix of bits and pieces and not something I would ever think would work - mauve walls, red pinstripe curtains, cushions with paisleys and greens - but somehow it all works and has a lovely, serene, lived in feeling. If only this little girl would come out and live in it!!!


  1. Mum and I sew and we have NO patience. We just don't do it to perfection, don't look at our seams but oooohhh....what pretty fabric ;)

  2. LOL! Emma is SOOOOOOOOO right!
    Well your lovely nursery is now full and your patience has been rewarded, so very proud of you Lucy.