Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Present Day!

Can you believe it's the 24th again already?! Happy Present Day! It's only 4 months until christmas eve, 5 months until my birthday, 7 months until Bren's birthday, and 10 months until Izzy's birthday!
She's grown out of 0000's! And newborn nappies! The hair is still as crazy. She's smiling all the time and has really started talking just this week!
She doesn't really like hats although they look SO cute! She's found her hands and keeps eating them or hitting herself in the head. And she loves sitting up in the pram or on the sofa (especially when Oprah is on!) Her favourite place is still bed! She sleeps A LOT!
We had our first night out without her - we had a great time and so did she with Noni (you can see how bored of us she is in this photo!!!!)
Happy 2 month birthday Isabelle! xx


  1. Aw she looks so much older than we last saw her! How is she two months already?! She's so gorgeous :) And yay for the sleeping Izzy - keep it up!!

  2. Luce, she is divine, no doubt about it! Love the hat... such a shame she doesn't like wearing it! x

  3. Oh Isabele how beautiful you are, growing up so fast. I can't believe it. (Of course I'm not biased)mummy and daddy are so proud of you. Happy 24th to you all. Lots luv xoxoxo