Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Design Dilemma


My next project to tackle is my family room and I just don't know what to do!

I want it to have a warm and fuzzy feeling like this...

But at the moment it looks a little like this...

Boring hey? There's a few issues with this room -
1. The lack of sunlight (there's only the doors and the skylight)
2. The terracotta tiles
3. The size of the room - too big just for a lounge room and a little to small for and lounge and dining!

But there are some good things:
1. The french doors leading outside
2. The dado rails
3. The little blue & white tiles in between the terracotta!

My heart tells me to paint it white below the dado rails and light blue above, like the house on Modern Family (I love that show!!)...

But they have lovely timber panelling and timber floors which I don't , and it could look really really daggy!

My head tells me to stick to the old faithful Taubmans Pebble Bay for something like this...
And my husband tells me darker like our dining room...

If I had money I'd install white wood panelling to the bottom and wallpaper the top in a beautiful grassweave...

And lay down a timber floor. But I don't so paint it is going to have to be...What do you think? Head, Heart or Hubby?!

All images via decorpad or me


  1. Could Brendan construct you some white built-in book cases along the wall where the couch is? Or where the TV cabinet and bookcase are now, and you could integrate the TV into the shelving...that could lighten up the room, and they are present in a few of the photos you posted and look great!
    He can build an outdoor table, I'm sure he could easily knock up floor to ceiling shelving! lol.
    I personally think the darker lounge room blue would be too dark, coz of the limited lighting in the room...

  2. Go with your heart Lucy, and I'm sure you'll be happy and hubby too. For what it's worth (you know me) I too think the darker would be too dark (sorry Bren) but lighter would flow well from the dining room. The blue could perhaps be matched with the little blue tiles. Good luck, looking forward to following the project. Luv xo