Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fireplace Mini Makeover

Here is my fireplace mini makeover!

This fireplace has been thought about and thought about since we moved in. It is the very first thing you see as you walk through the door. It's a lovely idea but all I see is the electric fire with the fake logs and fake flames! So first I tried painting it all white so as not to draw attention to it...

But ohh all I saw was that heater and those bad tiles! And don't you love the cord coming through the front?!!!

So I painted the area around the fire, nice! So I did the panelling behind the same.

Then I thought it needed a bit more (I am a more is more girl!), so played around with it a little...
Sanded back my old mirror which was dark timber, then painted white, and now is somewhere in the middle...
Added a few more bits & pieces and a beautful baby girl and Voila!

We spend so much time here!

So I am happy with it, I'd still love to rip out that heater but at least you don't look at it as much anymore :)

And the colours are...yep you guessed it!
Taubmans Pebble Bay, Taubmans Foxdale and Dulux Antique White USA


  1. Wow looks great Lucy. I can see I'll have to get up there soon! Of course the best part is what has been added right in front!! (: luv xo

  2. Looks fab Lucy! And my motto is if you can't fix it, fake it! Or hide it...or paint it. Or all three! K xx