Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get that picture perfect bedroom!

A big hello to my 9 followers! Welcome to Kerri, Kerry and Melissa who have recently stumbled across my page, thank you for your comments.

Well today I have a special post...The ultimate bedroom makeover for under $200! You all know how much I LOVE a nice bedroom, and I want you all to love your bedrooms as much as I love mine!
I promise this will work in any home in any bedroom whether you like modern, classic or coastal style.
Firstly, go to Target sometime in the next 2 weeks and pickup this ruched set in White - Doona cover, 2 standard pillowcases and 2 euro cases for $702. While you're there, get a sheet set in Pebble for $79

3. If you don't already have Euro's, pick up a couple of them. Ikea has them for $9 (Gosa Aster is the name).

4. Go home and re-make your bed! Be sure to leave about 30cm of the pebble coloured sheet to fold down over the doona. Iron this little bit - it sounds a little over the top but I promise it makes all the difference! Arrange your pillows from back to front: White euro, pebble standard, white standard. Make sure that you prop the pillows right up like this...

If your pillows don't quite fit the pillow case, hold them upside down, give them a good shake so that the top of the pillow is very full. Then fold over the bottom of the pillow case so that when you prop the pillows up, they look lovely and full.
Now I promise that is all you need!!!! Clear your bedside tables, leaving only a lamp (and a book if necessary!). You don't even need cushions with that ruched cover...your hubby will be very happy! (I'll let you know a secret...the cushions are just there for the photos...I don't actually have cushions on my bed!!!).
Now if you really need the extra cushions and throws my advice is: Keep cushions symmetrical. Always buy 2 and prop them up like the pillows...slouchy cushions are a stylist's worse nightmare! Don't go for anything smaller than 40x40 cushions if you are only planning to have 2 - they will look lost. Thick comforters always look better than throws, and are probably much more practical! Fold them neatly and run along the end of the bed. King beds will need 3 cushions to look right. Try Freedom, Adairs or my favourite Bed Bath n' Table for yummy cushions.
Need some help with your bedroom? Think you're almost there but it doesn't quite work? Or do you think your room needs a total overhaul? Send me a photo by the end of next week and I will get back to you with ideas! All you have to do is make sure you send me photos of your finished bedroom when you're done!
Please feel free to forward this post to anyone who may want a bit of advice!
Happy sleeping everyone!
Luce xx

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  1. Thanks Lucy, love the colours but not sure about the white. Love the rushed effect - we'll see. Great ideas and hints.I have put this on my project list but will have to wait a bit before I can get to it. Enjoy the rest of your week. Luv xo