Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bargains for a Beautiful Home...

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for anything budget to create a beautiful home. So here's some of this weeks bargain finds...
[Target] has 2 things in their catalogue worth checking out... the box of 8 shadowbox frames in white, $34, for those looking to create their own [photo collage], and the ornate mirror $53 - Bargain!

[Aldi] has these cute bedsides for $49 and matching trunk for $79 - in black or white (The cushion on the trunk looks daggy but would be cute covered in a better fabric!

All of these bits and pieces could be added to your [Picture Perfect Bedroom] from last month!

Happy shopping xx


  1. Thanks for the tips Luce! I've been waiting for Target to bring the white frames in again, they only had them in black for a long time, I'll pop over there this weekend. :)

  2. I had exactly the same idea about those white Target frames! I thought I'd pick up the little bedside clock too - love the lines of it.

  3. Fantastic
    The trunk is just what I have been looking for to put in the study!
    Love Mum