Monday, January 24, 2011

Present Day

Thank you to EVERYONE who has celebrated my birthday with me :)
I feel so spoilt and so loved!
Can't wait to see what this year brings :)
Luce xx

Beautiful work Noni!
Even Izzy matches! (Thanks Collis' Family!)


  1. Are they all your teacups? You ended up with 4 more! Lucky you! They look so pretty :)

  2. And perhaps I should say another HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Monday xox

  3. You deserve being spoiled and you are certainly much loved.....and when can I borrow that lovely tea set to go with the table setting and my colour co-ordinated grandchild!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You deserved a beautiful, loving birthday Lucy, you give so much love and happiness to others. Hope you enjoyed the rest of birthday week! Well done Noni how beautiful the table looked.......and the gorgeous flowers no doubt were from your beautiful garden and the little princess - well what can I say. Lots luv xo