Saturday, January 22, 2011

High Chair Makeover

Izzy's high chair is finally finished!
Here's how it started off...
$15 off Ebay. Woohoo!
Some Selleys Kwik Strip and a lot of sanding...

A couple of coats of Nippon Duck Egg 3, some clear Estapol,
And a quick sand for that distressed look...

Cushion from Ikea - not exactly my style
So some el cheapo patchworking fabric from the Cash & Carry place ($7.50/m - I used just under 1/2m)...

Cute huh? I love it! I even made little bows to tie the cushion on at the back (I'm pretty stoked because I HATE sewing - I just don't have the patience!)

I got so excited that I even made a little bag for Izzy's toys. The big flower is made from felt and covers up my dodgy sewing!
And it looks great in Izzy's new bag!


  1. Wow Lucy - it's magic luv it! Your sewing is great too - clever Lucy, lucky Isabelle having such a clever mummy. Can't wait to see Isabelle's finishing touches - pumpkin, apple, custard .........!! Lots luv xoxo

  2. This is stunning and looks even better than the pics show....and your sewing is actually very good...I am very impressed Lucy!