Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lamp Revamp

It's about time I updated you all on a few of the projects that have been going on in our home.

There will be a few BIG changes while we prepare for Mrs Maxwell to arrive, until then I'll be posting about a couple of little tid bits that are slowly making our house a home!

Firstly: The Lamp Revamp!

Picked up this little beauty from my work and with just a little paint and sand it was ready to go...

Here it is in it's former glory, dark brown and gold - still pretty but not quite right for our place!

With a delicious coat of blue paint. Sorry, I mixed this colour up from a couple of the leftover samples I had in the garage. The closest colour I can suggest is Dulux "Calandre"

A quick sand to show up all the lovely detail, and a new shade and voila! Pretty little lamp for the family room.

Forever ago I was asking for help with our family room - well it's all done and painted and I love it, it's just always covered in toys and mess! So one of these days I'll get it looking good and post some photos for you all! Until then this is just a little preview :)

Luce xx

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