Thursday, November 24, 2011

A New House

We are getting crafty!!! Today Izzy and I are building a princess house out of the new car seat box - I am WAY more excited than she is and have to stop myself from decorating the whole thing, reminding myself this is an activity for Izzy not me! Oh dear!

We started off with a box...

Cut out a door, some windows and made a little pointy roof. All very rough - nothing too fancy here!

Dolly likes it :)

We are adding some cladding to the exterior (Fairy wrapping paper stuck on with homemade flour glue!)

Izzy very quickly learnt to stick the pretty side up, but overall was way more excited about the paintbrush than the paper - that's my girl!!

Happy to climb in when she saw I was taking photos of her!

I did have to do a little finishing off myself once Izzy went to bed - Just to get the front facade finished and the door so I can attach them this afternoon. Izzy is obsessed with opening and closing doors at the moment so I'm hoping this will get her a little more interested!!

So stay tuned for more updates on our beautiful house!!!

Luce xx


  1. That's awesome Luce! are both so talented! xox
    Love Hannah

  2. You are both truly amazing!!! And gorgeous!;)

  3. How clever Lucy looks gorgeous and of course so does Izzy! I know who probably had the most fun.........looking forward to the next installment. Have fun lots luv xo

  4. She is definitely your daughter in so many ways!!!!!!